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Nurturing young minds


We are a mental health clinic for infants and preschool children and their families in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our focus is to understand young children’s strengths and challenges in the context of their families and the community around them. We partner with parents, other health care providers and community professionals to collaboratively create intervention plans for children. We use current research about brain development to guide our practice.

ElmTree Clinic accepts referrals of infants and young children three years of age and under (before three years six months of age). We are striving to assess and provide intervention for children as early as possible.

Infants and young children at risk may have:

  • challenges with behaviour
  • had inpatient hospital stays or received care in NICU
  • multiple medical interventions
  • parents or siblings with medical or mental health struggles
  • experienced extremely stressful events - including abuse, neglect or loss of a caregiver


  • We do not do custody and access assessments or intervention and we do not do parenting capacity assessments.
  • Will not accept if there is a diagnostic question of ASD or prior diagnosis.